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A Letter From the Designer

As I designed our 2009 collection, inspired by the constant desire to improve, I found myself asking: what must Clever Couture convey for 2009? 

Certainly a promise to continue to embrace our original company vision to provide superior design and quality at a fair price, to respect  honesty and integrity within our team, and to strive for excellence in customer service and in all aspects of our company and products.

But what about our planet?  Our economy?  And social issues?

I'm proud that we continue to produce all of our products in our own San Francisco design studio.  I believe in the importance of supporting our local economy and  I feel very fortunate to have such a talented team that extends beyond design and marketing to include our pattern-makers, cutters, and couture sewers.   We benefit by having complete control over our production process; we're able to implement energy saving techniques such as recycling our fabric waste and reducing consumption.  Our new pattern-making technology offers efficiences that translate to better gowns at better prices.  It's really quite clever.

And it's always fashionable to be charitable.  I designed our Hope gown as a symbol of our commitment to promote breast cancer awareness and to support research for this important cause by donating $50 to The Breast Cancer Fund with each sale of our Hope design.  

Exclusivity may be au courant when it comes to fashion, but when it comes to love, it's oh so passe.  I believe the freedom to marry should be a privilige for all, including our friends in the gay community.  I am committed to supporting marriage equality with fundraising events to raise awareness and benefit Equality California.

Does it make a difference that our dresses are made in San Francisco?   That we obsess over quality and design?  That we care about and support causes that we believe in?  You're clever, you're resourceful...and you care deeply about finding the perfect gown; I'm confident that you'll consider my new collection.  It's classicly feminine.  It's simple yet dynamic.  It's filled with vogue appeal.  So whether you choose to indulge, or play it safe...there's an abundance of opportunity for romance, decadence, and bliss, and even a little candy.  I invite you to take a look...call us to make an appointment at our San Francisco flagship or review our website to find a wonderful retail partner near you.

Yours truly,

Amy Kuschel


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