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About Impression Bridal

Over the past 20 years, Impression Bridal has evolved into a renowned brand synonymous with leadership, innovation and style in the bridal industry. Throughout the evolution, our one key component when designing a wedding dress - Magic Fit - continues to invigorate our design force and the assurance we are devoted to all brides-to-be. What makes "Magic Fit" so special is that it focuses on what it takes to create a flattering fit that looks and feels good. Each wedding gown is fabricated with a special kind of boning that rests softly on the skin, and yet reveals a slim body silhouette. Impression Bridal is proud to present the very best to you. Our designs offer a versatile array of style options that range from simple to richly embellished silhouettes all with an astonishing lavish feel. 

Ruben Cruz, the designer for our bridal collection, is immersed in the minutiae of crafting a wedding gown. His incredible attention to detail is evident in features like intricate embroidery, hand patterned beadwork, and the sophisticated and feminine look in his designs. 

Our bridesmaid collection features an array of styles from classic to elegant to trendy. Our most coveted separates represent exciting changes in fashion and make the transition from daylight to twilight. We offer the most enchanting and enormous selection of colors for a wistfully individual approach to style. 

The Xcite and Xtreme prom collections present the art of dramatic details, sexy appeal, and girlish romance. The stunning effects of these combinations capture the energy and passion of our prom line. 

Our Destiny collection uses one of the most luxurious and fine fabrics - Silk Charmeuse. The collection focuses on subtlety, lightness, craftsmanship, and a touch of romantic elements that reflect a gentle delicacy. 

The overall goals of Impression Bridal are to design with you in mind and strive to surpass your expectations.

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