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Buy & Sell pre owned wedding dresses

Unless you have an limitless wedding budget or have the backing of a very wealthy family, probabilities are you are attempting to find ways to make your wedding more affordable. The idea of paying a huge sum of cash for the “perfect” wedding dress may be a very hard pill to swallow when you consider all the other expenditures involved in hosting a wedding. Well there is a compromise in the conception of purchasing pre owned wedding dresses for far under what a new dress of comparable value would cost. More and more brides world-wide are realizing that their imagination wedding dresses may fetch them a lot of much necessitated cash and are actively attempting to trade these as pre owned wedding dresses for a very cheap price, far beneath what they in the first place paid. The problem facing numerous brides-to-be is where to look for these great deals on preowned wedding gowns. There are a lot of places to commence searching and this is what we are going to thoroughly question now. 1. Family Ties The easiest place to get started is merely by talking to prompt and extended family members. Chances are that somebody had a daughter … Continue reading

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Used Wedding Dresses

  One of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning for a bride is looking for and eventually finding the dream dress. There are many in the industry who would like you to believe that a dream wedding dress has to cost a fortune but more and more future brides are discovering that this is not necessarily the case. Second-hand or ‘pre-loved’ wedding dresses have always been a great way of saving money and in these worrying times it is this area of the wedding market which is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, with some charity shops creating their own dedicated departments.   Benefits The advantages of opting for ‘second-hand’ are obvious once you stop to think about it. Not only is there a significant cost saving but you’ll also be helping the environment too. A little known fact is that many dresses sold as ‘second-hand’ are have actually never been worn. Some manufacturers and retailers regularly dispose of their overstocks through these channels and sometimes brides have been a little optimistic when buying a size too small well in advance of the wedding date. Often they are left with a dress that they cannot wear and have had too long … Continue reading

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New & Used Wedding Dresses Glossary

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different styles, fabrics and embellishments that can be on a wedding dress? Confused between what the difference between Alencon and Chantilly lace is? Or the difference between an A-line wedding dress and a ball gown dress or a mermaid versus a trumpet gown? Not to worry, here you will find a glossary of wedding style terms so that you can understand all of the bridal fashion lingo. We got you covered here from fabrics to styles. A-Line: A skirt style that starts tighter at the hips and gradually widens as it moves towards the hem. The skirt of the wedding dress gives off the same shape as a capital letter A. Alencon Lace: A French needle lace originating in the 16th century. Alencon lace tends to be thicker and bolder in look. The lace pattern has a raised continuous outline. Many people of royalty have used Alencon lace on their wedding dresses and veils over the years. Appliqué: a piece of fabric (or lace) is layered on existing fabric and stitched in place. Used to embellish many wedding dresses and add beautiful three-dimensional details. Asymmetrical: A waistline that starts higher on one side and drops … Continue reading

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