Va Lena Valentina Wedding Dresses

Designer Elena Ham has been designing clothing since a very early age. As a young girl in Europe, she grew tired of the everyday mass-produced lines and began creating her own pieces. Since then, Elena has earned a Masters Degree at St. Petersburg Textile Institute and traveled world-wide as a representative in the fashion industry. She eventually settled in San Diego, California, where she now lives with her supportive husband, Joseph Ham.

It is the realization of Elena’s dream to share her designs with women looking for a distinct, elegant and alluring style. The company name is a tribute to the designers mother, a strong and inspiring figure of femininity in her life. Recently, our premiere gown “Valentina” appeared in San Diego Wedding Styles Magazine and the Knot Magazine.

The Va Lena Valentina philosophy is that every woman should feel like royalty, especially on her wedding day. This means that all of our gowns are meticulously designed to draw attention to the bride and her natural beauty. Alluring lines accented with classic, romantic details define the Va Lena Valentina look. Our silks and laces are all of the finest quality; every detail combines to make each gown a true work of art.

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