Second Hand Wedding Dresses are Beautiful Too

Second hand wedding dresses are great way to save money. You know the item has been cherished and well looked after and you’ll be giving it a good home.

The best part is, you can usually pick up a designer bargain which you can sell on yourself after your big day.

In fact many brides that buy their preowned wedding dresses also come back later to sell the wedding dress thus saving tons of money on their weddings.

First of all, let’s dispel some myths. Many people turn their noses up at the thought of second hand wedding dresses, but in fairness, if Kate Moss was wearing a vintage gown, would you think of it as second hand? Probably not. Kate’s a huge fan of vintage clothes and always looks fantastic. So why can’t you wear a second or even third hand dress with pride?

Hundreds of brides every year decide to sell their wedding dresses whether to reap back some of the cash they spent, to save on space in their houses, to give the dress a new home or because their day got cancelled for whatever reason. The dresses are usually in fantastic condition because they’ve only been worn once (if at all) and the bride knew she was going to sell it so took extra care on her wedding day. Usually all second hand wedding dresses are professionally dry cleaned before being sold, so you know they’re in a clean, good condition.

Finding second hand wedding dresses

Also when loooking at used wedding dresses for sale, you can pick up a bargain, or if you’re selling, make some cash.

Vintage shops will have some little gems as well. Whether you envisage yourself in a lacy number or a fifties prom dress, you’re sure to find numerous second hand wedding dresses on offer. Vintage shops are dotted up and down the country and if you do a search on Google, then you’ll find plenty of specialist stores selling vintage dresses.

One thing to note about vintage dresses is the sizing. As a nation we’re getting bigger and our body shapes have changed dramatically. A size 12 today is not what a size 12 used to be, so double check the sizing and measurements of the dresses (and the returns policy) before you buy.

Many charity shops also have a few second hand wedding dresses. These are often about five to ten years old and so can look very dated, unless of course you like the puff sleeve look from the 1980′s! The benefit of these dresses is that they’re generally really cheap and if taken to a good seamstress, they can be re-designed and re-made very cost effectively. You’ll get a bargain and a bespoke designer dress!

So don’t turn your nose up second hand wedding dresses, they’re a great way to save and potentially get a unique designer dress!

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