Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress?

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

seems to be the greatest mystery at the moment.

Thousands of people from all over the world gather in London to see the the Royal Wedding, which of course promises to be one of the decade’s and maybe even the early century’s most celebrated event with expected TV audience of more than 2 billion! (A third of the world’s population!) But what seems to be most important for most of them, especially the female part of that incredible audience is what is Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress.

There have been numerous speculations about who would be the preferred designer for Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress from the likes of Bruce Oldfield (former Lady Diana’s Wedding Dress Designer) to that mystery guest that gave a late night visit to the Goring Hotel where the Middleton Family is residing before the Royal Wedding.

Many familiar with Kate Middleton would speculate that her wedding dress would be designed by someone not so popular or/and conservative, but having in mind her ability to pull off any high street brand, many pundits are on the look out. Not mentioning that in austerity times like these and the humility shown by the Royal couple, an unknown name is not out of order.

Nevertheless this is The Royal Wedding of the century and it is including the future king and queen of England and no matter how humble you want to be, the question might as well turn out to be – How humble CAN you be? After all there is a very “limited” number of guests invited – 1900! And that’s for a “humble” wedding (wander what if it wasn’t in a time of crisis), and also that list comprises of the world’s elite and the rest of that world’s elite wishes they were there.

So back to the dress who is the wedding dress designer for Kate Middleton? Well there are just a few more hours to find out :)

But have in mind, every wedding dresses designer out there is waiting for that neckline or train to appear on TV so they can copy or imitate it in some way…..

We’ll  find out…

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